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718-921-02179715 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11209Mon - Sat 10am - 4am, Sun 12pm - 4am

Bar & Lounge

If you are looking to quench your thirst and mingle with the locals, you will love Kitty’s for its great selection of affordable beers, wines and liquors and its warm atmosphere. Walking through the inviting, wide-open red doors, you immediately feel welcome, due to the homey setting and the authentic feel of its deep red walls and the dark wooden bar with marble top. The gaslight lamps throw an amber light over the friendly crowd of regulars and first-time patrons, and the smiling bartenders are always quick to take your order and make you feel at home.

The long bar provides ample space for seating, and, if you prefer to stand, you can lean and rest your drink on the shelved wall. There are also two nooks, one on each end of the bar. With enough room for small groups to gather, they are perfect for a more private setting and intimate conversations.

Our lounge, decorated with a cozy fireplace, especially pleasant during cold winter months, fits larger groups and also allows for more privacy for couples, who may be absorbed in each other, play a game of darts, or share a few songs using our TouchTunes jukebox.

Such variety in its layout makes Kitty’s perfect for any occasion, be it an after-work-cocktail, watching a sporting event, catching up with an old friend, or meeting new people from the neighborhood. We welcome anyone… as long as you’re over 21! Sláinte!